Wednesday, 8 July 2009

turbo cad v15 professional

well here we are the marmite of all subjects in the cad world turbo cad, I got my first copy of turbo cad v7 some six years ago with a 28 day free trial now me being me thought 28 days that will do.
fast forward six years later and i am just starting to turn out stuff that looks ok, now don,t get me wrong i have not spent six years solid learning it, Just tinkered during holidays weekends etc. Is it worth it well you could look at a turbo cad image and say well nice photo, But there is a world of difference between a photo and a drawing that has been rendered. Well it,s not just a drawing it,s data that can be used again and again and believe me when the dust settles on this global downturn if you can use cad you won,t be able to miss. so just a sort of brief introduction to the world of cad one note to point out, after the initial purchase of the software the cost is zero so long as you pick the right software. It is just a matter of doing it doing it again and doing it again.. what,s your options " soaps?" If you wan,t to learn more email me at or take a peek at my website all lower case type in top browser gets you straight there p.s to the best of my knowledge there is no formal qualification so learn it and go get a job from. stugod

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